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Glyphic's Copilot records and analyzes your calls, providing deep insights that can be sent straight to your CRM.
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Generate follow up emails, based on your call.

Create personalized follow up emails based on the contents of your call. Glyphic learns your writing style making each email feel truly like your own.

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Automatically sync with your CRM

Auto qualification and custom insights, straight to your CRM

Automatically extract call insights into your CRM, including your qualification frameworks. Glyphic also features custom queries that it can extract from every call.

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Diagram visulizing that call summary, Next steps, Qualification frameworks and custom insights can be pushed to CRMs (for example Pipedrive, Salesforce, HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics and
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No more listening to hundreds of calls

Eliminate the need to rewatch a call, saving you hours of watchtime. Ask Glyphic can locate and elaborate on anything that happens in a call. Just ask the way you would with your team.

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No more note taking

Our software records the video and transcript for your call, allowing you to keep an archive of past interactions that Glyphic's AI can learn upon.

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supercharge your sales team today

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