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guide reps through your

ENTIRe sales process with ai

Supercharge your conversion rates and save up to 34% of your sales rep's time, by automating mundane tasks.
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unlock the revenue potential
from your customer interactions
Glyphic surfaces things to remember before a call. For example Financial services companies prioritise cybersecurityGlyphic surfaces questions to ask to users before a call. For example “What are the key decision makers of the buying process”



Our powerful tool provides you with all the key information, insights, and talking points you need to drive successful conversations.
Glyphic surfaces information about the companies you are about to talk to, powered by Crunchbase. Glyphic surface possible objections before a call. For example “Buyer is already working with a competitor”



straight to your CRM

Glyphic automatically qualifies and syncs all key points and insights from sales calls and deals with your CRM system.

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Your Discovery Call with Tom W.
Your Discovery Call with Tom W.
Your Discovery Call with Tom.
Your deal with ACME corp
Your deal with ACME corp
Your deal and calls with ACME corp
Auto Qualification
Auto CRM Sync
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Economic Buyer
The Buyer that he needs approval from Jessica Smith, the Head of Product before moving on with this deal.
Decision Process
Decision Criteria
Identify Pain
Auto Qualification
Auto CRM Sync
Currently trying to figure out go-to-market and sales strategy, focusing on larger companies with 50 users as an ideal customer profile
Critical Event
Auto Qualification
Auto CRM Sync
The buyer mentioned that ACME corp can only make large software changes at the start of a new quarter.
Use your own custom framework?

We can do that too.
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ai powered
follow ups

Automatically generate a personalized follow up email using key points, sales resources, action items, and next steps discussed during the call.

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Following up, with case study
AI Search
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ACME Corp 2016.pptx
Summary of today's call
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surface vital information

from all your sources

Glyphic processes the vast amounts of unstructured data from customer interactions across all channels providing powerful insights

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Concise Summaries

Glyphic condenses complex
calls and business deals into
digestible sentences.

Next Steps

Receive actionable next steps, for calls and deals that help you secure the deal.

Auto Qualify

Automatically extract information related to the framework that you use.

Stay on top of all your deals

Glyphic unbiasedly condeses customer conversations into digestible and actionable sentnences.
Diagram describing how information (for example “Qualification frameworks” and “Custom insights”) can be automatically sent to CRMs

Auto Qualify Deals

Extract insights related to the framework that you use.

Your sales calls, supercharged

We capture all key talking points, action items, and next steps discussed during the call so that you can follow up quickly.
Automatically sync key insights to your CRM

Auto Qualify Deals

Extract insights related to the framework that you use.

No more searching around just

Ask Glyphic 🪄

Ask Glyphic

Get insights on whatever you need to know.
Just ask the way you would ask your team.

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No need to listen to that 1 hour call, just ask Glyphic whatever you need.
How could i have
improved in this call?
Next time you should tailor your demo towards the company's needs.
Need to catchup on a deal? Want to know the next steps? Just Ask.
What is happening
in this deal?
Giraffe, a B2B payments
provider is looking at HR tools to support their hiring spree.
Don't waste time searching through playbooks and sales guides again.
Find me a case study that can help me win over ACME corp.
Sure, here's one I'd recommend...

supercharge your sales team today

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