About us

Our mission at Glyphic is to make finding, creating, and sharing enterprise information as easy as possible. We’re starting by building powerful, intuitive products that help top-performing revenue teams sell more effectively by equipping them with the collateral and intelligence they need to navigate complex customer discussions.
We are intimately familiar with recent transformational changes in deep learning, NLP, and generative AI as former researchers and operators at top AI research labs and companies. Now, we think it’s the right time for these advances to power a new generation of AI-copilot tools that make enterprises feel superhuman.

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Why Glyphic?

Founders Adam Liska and Devang Agrawal previously worked with large language models at DeepMind and built AI-augmented products at companies like Apple and Spotify. We’re putting together an elite team of technologists and operators to help us achieve our ambitious vision.
We’re well-funded and backed by world-class investors and advisors.

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